Tajweed is a Key to the Quran

In Arabic, Tajweed is derived from the triliteral root j-w-d, meaning admirable. The Quran is a complete codebook of life and its sustainability. Each verse has hundreds and thousands of meanings. That’s why there should be a correct manner to recite it as Prophet Muhammad SAW said. This course will aid you to recite the Quran in the proper and meaningful full way in prayer too which is an obligate duty to every Muslim.


Islam is a custom-rich religion and gives a special focus on Tarbiyah. Tarbiyah is the systematic development of individuals using principles. Quran o Tarbiyah course is designed as per the principle of Quran e Kareem to practice its preaching in daily life activities.

Learn with expert teachers

The Holy Quran is full and complete guide for every individual to become successful here and hereafter.
Teach itself a noble profession and to teach Quran is like noble among noble. QoT provide highly qualified and certified teachers. They teach with dedication and enthusiasm. They are expert in Quran along with fine and polished teaching skills.


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Tajweed ul Quran

Reciting Quran e Kareem in proper Tajweed is important. QoT provides a detailed Tajweed course in which students will learn the rules of recitation like Qalqasa, Gunnah, Ismul Jalala, etc.



Memorizing is an art and every art needs time to practice. By enrolling in this course, we help you by teaching the correct tricks of memorizing like converting words to pictures, stacking, and many more.


Full Tarbiyah

Tarbiyah is a road map of self-purification and Islam ponder over personality building by Tarbiyah. The ultimate goal of tarbiyah is to bring humans back to heaven. QoT serves as the best digital platform to deliver the education of tarbiyah in a meaningful way.


Basic Arabic language

Language is the mode of communication. Arabic is one of the oldest languages having thousands and thousands of poems, articles, and books, and on top of its language of Quran e Kareem. QoT offers a detailed Arabic language course that makes you read, write and talk in Arab e Mubeen.


Islamic Knowledge

Islam is a religion of values. QoT provides insight into Islamic morals and principles. This course will cover a wide spectrum of Islamic history e.g. first Wahyeh in Gar-e-Hira, the struggle of Hazrat Mohammad SAW in spreading Islam, hijrat, wars, and many more.


Qualified Teachers

The tutor is a mentor and mentors are the head of the flock. QoT will guarantee you provide the best-qualified teachers and this is our edge over others. We are confident because our selection criteria are flawless. We examine teachers from different angles and only then do we tie up the teacher with students since the education of students is very important to us.

24/7 Flexible Schedule, One on One Classes anywhere, any age dedicated Tutors female teachers for female students and Dual Languages.

Special Tarbiyah Program for Females and Students.

The vision of QoT is to develop strong foundation of Islamic society, as QoT offers special tarbiyah courses for Females.

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